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Nutfangs are not toys for young children. Nutfangs are art objects.

please see the ordering page for orders - for wholesale inquiries please email me.

If you do not like your nutfang please let me know immediately - all sales final after 10 days. Nutfangs are not perfect and do not wish to be perfect.

Yes, I may be willing to trade you some of your art for some of mine.

HAND MADE MEANS SOMETHING: It means that sand will end up in your pockets...
Not necessarily true. All nutfangs are handmade by hands-that-like-to-make-nicely-made-things. I laugh out loud and fall madly in with love almost every nutfang that I finish - each with its own sense of things, and I want them to last for a reasonably long time.
Nutfangs are 89% durable and go through 'adult safety testing' to make sure that my design will survive... (the test is this - I personally keep a nutfang in every coat, bag, in my car and on my keychain at all times and inspect the aging process very closely and yes, I have learned some things and made improvements) but because they are filled with sand and hand-made we recommend being nice to these creatures or sand could, someday end up in your pristine little pockets.

Nutfangs are made by CP in PDX. Copyright 2011 all rights reserved since 2005