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Because most nutfangs are made to order, you have a few options available to you when you order that you should email to me at the time you place your order.

NUTFANG BREED or type should be chosen in the shop and purchased.

LEATHER COLOR range for the body of the nutfang: black, light brown, dark brown, red-brown, white, grey, brown suede, grey suede are your every day options - some are suggested to you on the order drop-down options. I do have some brighter colors and some non-leather options so please email me for those.

FANGS: I usually get to choose the fang material - they will either be black agate or glowy purple-grey agate, bone, antler, turquoise, jade or ceramic. If you MUST have one type of fang you can email me your favorite option - but not all fang types work for every nutfang and this just starts to be confusing - so, usually I choose.

HAIR: it is going to be up to me... I usually pick white, occasionally brown or golden-brown, yellow or pink.

You can email me an image of you or your friend if you want me to make one that 'bears a likeness.' This is fun for all of us.

Allow 5-7 days for me to make and ship your things - please let me know when things are a gift so I can make an extra special package... and if it is a birthday or another celebration you can let me know this as well.